"There's Good in Everything We Do" -
A message from the Foundation's President
"Welcome to the Leo Goodwin Foundation one of the nation’s self-sustaining granting organization. Since 1953, the Leo Goodwin Foundation has given hope, strength and joy to both adult and children some with life-threatening medical conditions. From the dreams of a self-made man to enrich and give back to society, we’ve evolved into an organization that grants requests to over 40 charities and programs." 

    About Us
    Our organization is based on the belief that humanity should have quality of life,  good emotional and mental health, achieved from private initiatives for the public good.  Through the philanthropy of Mr. Goodwin Sr, the Leo Goodwin Foundation was formed and has been around for over twenty years.  
    Children, education, health, arts and culture, and efforts to fight the potentially devastating disease of cancer, have been chief among the focuses of the LEO GOODWIN FOUNDATION, INC. Established in 1953 by Mr. Goodwin Sr, the founder of the Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO), the Foundation has made a substantial impact through the years on some of the region's best-known charitable organizations---ones that touch thousands of lives on a yearly basis.
    Significant recipients of support in recent years have included Kids in Distress, Child Care Connection, Covenant House, Boys and Girls Clubs of Broward County, Ann Storck Center, Goodwin Institute for Cancer Research, Cystic Fibrosis, Oral School at Nova University, Broward Friends of Miami City Ballet, Broward Center for the Performing Arts, Broward Community College scholarships at the high school and college level, Junior Achievement, Henderson Behavior Health and more than a dozen other organizations.  The Foundation also provides substantial funding to the GEICO Philanthropic Foundation for awarding Leo Goodwin scholarships to deserving students.
    The LEO GOODWIN FOUNDATION, INC., through its trustees, strives to perpetuate LEO GOODWIN'S enterprise, vision, and determination to serve others. 
    Our Trustees
    Alan J. Goldberg,   Helen Furia,     Elliot P. Borkson

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: What is Leo Goodwin's mission?

    A: The mission of the Leo Goodwin Foundation is to invest in organizations, people and communities that expand access and create opportunities.

    Q: How is the Leo Goodwin Foundation structured?

    A: There is only one location of the Leo Goodwin Foundation, covering the the Southern Florida region serving the communities of Broward, Miami-Dade,
    Palm Beach and St. Lucie counties.

    Q: What’s the history of the Foundation?

    A: In 1953, Leo Goodwin, 

    Q: How many grants does the Foundation grant?

    A: This past year, we have contributed to 9 charitable organizations dealing with adult and children issues and have contributed to more than 500 charities in our history.
    Q: Who is eligible to receive a grant?

    A: Grant requests received are decided upon on by the Trustees at a monthly meeting held every third Tuesday of every month.  Each organization MUST: be 501(c)(3) non-profit, be located in of the counties we service in the South Florida region.

    Q: What is the average amount of grants given?

    A: Thanks to the generosity of Mr. Goodwin the Foundation makes grants at an average of $1,000 minimum to a maximum of $25,000 or more and pledges that constitutes hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Q: How do we raise the money it takes to grant requests?

    A: We finance our endeavors through investments of monies that was setup by Mr. Goodwin, with reputable investment companies and business
    contributions. The Foundation does not solicit funds by telephone and receives no government funding.

    Q: I received a solicitation call from the Leo Goodwin Foundation. Was that your office?

    A: Absolutely NOT. No Leo Goodwin Foundation will never call you asking for money. Please be careful when answering these types of calls - ask lots of questions, take notes and pass the information along to us. We prosecute these individuals aggressively.

    Q: What do grantees request funding for?

    A: Popular requests include: educational, medical research, arts, housing, and culture.

    Q: How much of contribution given will go toward overhead expenses?

    A:  As a rule 100% of every dollar given by us goes toward the specific program that the grant was requested for.
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